The Star of Ambrosio


  • The Star of Ambrosio shines brightly,
    and its glories are budding again;
    while the hearts of its children beat lightly
    with their hopes and their loves of old Spain.
    The Colegio still is surrounded
    with the charm that loved memories impart,
    and the sway of its name is unbounded
    oe’r the Spaniards’ remembrance and heart.
  • Then let us all nobly endeavour
    like those who have now passed away,
    to stand true to the Standard forever,
    and its love and its cares to repay.
    And though bright be the glory and splendour
    of Ambrosio’s time-honoured name,
    we will strive with one heart yet to render
    still more brilliant and glorious its fame.

    Then three cheers for the Star that shines o’er us,
    we’ll love the old House till we die;
    Then three cheers for those gone before us,
    their glories we ne’er will belie.

    ’Tis Ambrosio’s proud boast to inherit
    the renown of sons holy and wise;
    while around us still hovers the spirit
    that first bade these proud glories arise.
    There are pledges of fealty that bind us
    to its cause all devoted to prove;
    and the example of those gone reminds us
    how its honour and fame we should love.
    And when distance and time shall divide us
    from the home of our youth and our love,
    still the Star of its glories shall guide us
    with its clear shining light from above.
    While around us life’s troubles are falling
    our thoughts often thither will turn,
    and old scenes and old pleasures recalling
    with fresh love will our gladdened hearts burn.